Editor's note: The goal of The EBM Toolbox is to promote awareness of tools for facilitating EBM. It is brought to you by the EBM Tools Network, an alliance of tool users, developers, and training providers.

By Sarah Carr

Coastal natural resource managers and communities have begun to plan for the impacts of climate change on their local ecosystems and infrastructure. However, many practitioners are finding it difficult to select tools suited to their needs and capacities. This is because of the wide variety of tools, the difficulty of finding clear information about tool functions, and the lack of ways to compare different tools (e.g., their functionality, data and training requirements, and strengths and limitations).

The EBM Tools Network will release a decision guide Tools for Coastal Climate Adaptation Planning in March 2013. The guide provides information on a set of key tools for multi-sector climate-related planning, like plans that incorporate both ecosystem health and human well-being. It also explains and illustrates the utility and role of tools in planning, and helps practitioners select appropriate tools for their projects.

To learn more about the guide:

  • Attend the roll-out webinar of the guide on 12 March at 2 pm EDT / 11 am PDT / 6 pm GMT to ask questions about the guide and the tools in it. Register for the webinar at www1.gotomeeting.com/register/406184944.
  • Learn about the guide and tools in it in person at the National Adaptation Forum (www.nationaladaptationforum.org) in Denver, Colorado, US, from April 2-4. Look for the Tools for Coastal Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation Planning symposium.
  • Get an electronic copy of the guide as soon as it is released. Send me (sarah_carr@natureserve.org) an e-mail to be put on the mailing list.

Sarah Carr is coordinator for the EBM Tools Network. Learn more about EBM tools and the EBM Tools Network at www.ebmtools.org.