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Steering the behavior of MPA users: Why a diversity of approaches is the key to MPA governance

Peter Jones of University College London has researched MPA governance for the past decade. His latest publication breaks down the full range of incentives that an MPA can use to steer behavior – from payments for ecosystem services, to assessing penalties for rule-breaking, to building on local customs, and many more. We asked him why managers should consider the governance of their sites.

More than 80 nations have now committed to 30×30 target for MPAs

More than 80 nations have now committed to 30×30 target for MPAs: As we reported in our last issue, the target of protecting 30% of national and global waters by 2030 – referred to as 30×30 – continues to gain momentum. By MPA News’s count, at least 83 nations have now committed to the 30×30 target, as of early March 2021. Most of the growth has been the result of coalitions of nations making the commitment together, as indicated below (there is overlap among these coalitions, with some nations joining more than one – MPA News has accounted for the overlap in…

“Life after the pandemic will not be the same as before”: How the revenue-savvy Brijuni National Park has navigated COVID-19 and is planning for the future

MPA News reported on Brijuni in 2014 and said it might be the most revenue-savvy MPA in the world, with multiple income streams. When COVID-19 happened and tourism slowed, Brijuni’s budget took a hit. MPA News returns to Brijuni to see how the MPA has responded, and what lessons it could provide on lowering costs, securing revenues, and rebuilding a tourism base.

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