More inspiring social science in support of ocean conservation and management

In our last issue, we were not able to feature all (or even a large percentage) of the current and recent social science and interdisciplinary work that could (and should) be reshaping the way that we do ocean conservation and management. Fortunately, some more researchers in the field have helped us to augment that article by contributing comments about other great research we should know about. Check out these inspiring additions!

More thoughts on the science most crucial to ecosystem-based management

We also received some great feedback and input on last month’s article about what science is most crucial to ecosystem-based management, including the relationship between field data and modeling.

SeaSketch usage worldwide

In last month’s EBM Toolbox column, we stated that the decision support tool SeaSketch has been used or is being used in 8 marine spatial planning (MSP) processes around the world. SeaSketch developers let us know that it is actually being used to support MSP in 7 locations (6 countries) currently and was used to support MSP in 7 other locations (7 countries) previously. It is also being used or has been used in dozens of other projects to support activities such as research coordination, collective fisheries planning and coordination, participatory GIS, cumulative effects research, identifying important marine mammal areas, education (e.g., teaching MSP), gathering information on cultural values and ecosystem services, and disseminating map data. Our apologies for the error, and many thanks to the SeaSketch developers for the updated information!