Tundi’s Take: We must consider not only what we take out of the sea, but also what we put into it

Honest dialogue about what are acceptable uses of the sea and coasts can only be good.  It forces us to take stock of what we know, and likewise forces us – as users and as nations – to put our desires and needs on the table.  While those desires and needs vary from sector to sector and from place to place, we all share a global ambition to use marine resources and space wisely so as not to risk ecological imbalance, economic and environmental vulnerability, and conflict. 

But for far too long the focus has been on resource extraction – especially fisheries – while the myriad other ways we run those aforementioned risks are seemingly ignored.

Notes & News: US ocean plan – Climate adaptation strategy – Global MPA coverage – Spatial conservation priorities – Blue carbon – ABNJ – Risk management and EBM – Triple-bottom-line outcomes – Marine ecosystem services

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