New software tools to encourage compliance, manage enforcement

As technology marches forward in general, new tech tools are becoming available to MPA management – including for compliance and enforcement.  Here are two recent additions to the manager's toolbox: one that helps fishers be aware of MPA boundaries, and one that helps rangers catch rulebreakers.

New website tracks and analyzes loss of protected areas

A new website created by WWF documents cases worldwide in which protected areas or their regulations have been lost or significantly weakened through legal or regulatory changes. Inspired by research on the phenomenon by Michael Mascia, director of social science for...

LMMA Lessons: Sustainable management outside of MPAs is just as important as inside

In December 2012, practitioners from the Fiji Locally Managed Area Network (FLMMA) gathered to share lessons and best practices.  Among the topics addressed was the importance of good governance and management outside of MPAs, not just inside those areas.  In the LMMA Network, efforts to manage activities outside protected areas are combined with implementation of protected areas to promote sustainable benefits to communities and ecosystem health.

Good management of the waters surrounding MPAs should include: