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There are scores of resources for helping coastal planners gauge potential climate change impacts to natural resources and communities (e.g., www.natureserve.org/climatetoolsguide). However, resources for gauging climate change adaptation actions, particularly their economic/financial aspects, are much rarer.

There are some tools and resources that provide guidance on the costs and benefits of adaptation options such as relocating vital infrastructure (e.g., hospitals, wastewater treatment facilities) and building coastal defenses (e.g., seawalls). Over the past few years, the EBM Tools Network (www.ebmtools.org) has pooled its knowledge of what is available, and this compendium is available at www.openchannels.org/blog/ebm-tools-network/figuring-out-economics-and-finances-coastal-climate-change-adaptation.

Two key resources we found are:

Many thanks to the EBM Tools Network members who provided these resources!