Dear MEAM Subscribers,

There are several big changes happening at MEAM this month. First and foremost, MEAM is becoming what we informally refer to as ‘eMEAM’: an all-electronic newsletter that will be published monthly and feature even more applied, practitioner-focused content. If you previously received MEAM in paper format only, we have converted you automatically to this email delivery.

The other change is that I will be taking over as MEAM’s new editor while John Davis will become the supervising editor. I have had the pleasure of serving as associate editor of MEAM for the past two years and have been a regular contributor since MEAM’s inception in 2007. The other professional hat that I wear is as coordinator of the EBM Tools Network (, a worldwide network which helps over 6800 coastal and marine conservation/management practitioners find the best tools and resources for their work. I have built my career on making connections – between practitioners and the tools they need, between conservation and management and scientific research, and between the natural and social sciences – to help people find effective and innovative solutions to coastal and marine conservation problems. I look forward to continuing this work as editor of MEAM.

What won’t change in these transitions is our bringing you up-to-date, high-quality information that is genuinely useful to your EBM and ocean planning work. We can serve you best if you are active participants in and drivers of the information creation process. Let us know what information you need, contribute your perspectives and experiences to our articles, send us your opinions in Letters to the Editor, and share relevant resources with us. I encourage you to contact me at to discuss any ideas you have for MEAM so that we can better serve the marine community and marine ecosystems.

Best wishes for your work,

Sarah Carr

MEAM Editor