Dear reader,

Welcome to the 151st issue of MPA News — our first all-electronic issue! If you previously received MPA News on paper, we have switched you to email delivery. This change is helping us to reduce our production costs and improve our service to you in various ways.

As I explained in our last issue, we are also returning to monthly distribution — the same frequency we had for the first decade of MPA News. In general this will mean more frequent and more concise issues. This particular issue, however, is longer than usual because a lot happened in the MPA world in September 2016. The flexibility of our new email-only distribution allows us to be able to adjust our length to report on significant developments as they happen.

We have also launched our new website, which is now integrated with our affiliated site

Thanks for reading MPA News!

John Davis

P.S. The designation under CCAMLR of an MPA in Antarctica’s Ross Sea, completing several years of effort by nations and NGOs toward that goal, happened just as this issue of MPA News was going to press. We look forward to reporting on it in our next issue.