Know of any great marine conservation and management trainings?

MEAM is doing a major expansion of its Training Opportunities page and will roll the new resource out in the April newsletter. We are looking for short courses, graduate programs, tools trainings, elementary/secondary/university-level resources, and other miscellaneous opportunities such as video trainings and interactive games related to marine conservation and management for possible inclusion in the compilation. If you have any suggestions for us, please send them to at any time. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise and helping to build this unique and valuable resource!

Add your photos to the Marine Photobank!

As you will see in coming issues, MEAM is going to be including more graphics with its articles. We wanted to let you know about a great source for amazing and oh-so-relevant photos of marine conservation and management issues – the Marine Photobank (MPB) run by SeaWeb/The Ocean Foundation. The Marine Photobank is a global resource to collect, share and download marine photos, images, and graphics that show how humans have affected the oceans. It was founded in response to a lack of readily available, high quality ocean conservation images. Images in the Photobank are available at no cost for non-commercial purposes as well as for the media. We at MEAM are very grateful that the Marine Photobank exists and encourage all of you photographers out there to add your photos to the photobank get them used for marine conservation/management! You can also check out Photobank images on Instagram and Facebook.