Dear MPA News:

As a matter of general principle, the Tasmanian Fishing Industry Council is opposed to the introduction of no-take MPAs unless we can be satisfied that it is demonstrably in the best interests of our members and coastal communities. Locking up areas of marine waters around Tasmania (MPA News 3:4) is an extremely contentious issue, and we have yet to see positive evidence that proves marine reserves actually benefit the commercial fishing industry.

Tasmanian commercial fishing industry members hold licenses, quota and gear allocations etc. which apply to all areas of water where fishing is allowed. If areas of productive water are to be closed to fishing as a result of the creation of a political marine reserve then we will be seeking appropriate compensation for all losses that may occur as a result.

Bob Lister, Chief Executive, Tasmanian Fishing Industry Council, P.O. Box 878, Sandy Bay, TAS 7006, Australia. E-mail: