In September 2007, the team that produces MPA News will launch a new publication on ecosystem-based management (EBM) of coastal and marine resources. The publication will serve EBM practitioners in the same way MPA News serves the global MPA field: providing news, analysis, scientific developments, and advice gathered from experts around the world.

There is a great need for information on ecosystem approaches to management, a concept that management organizations are increasingly endorsing worldwide. The fundamental idea of EBM is simple: elements of an ecosystem are interconnected (including species, habitats, and the ecosystem services they offer) so it makes sense to manage them as a whole rather than as disconnected parts. However, managing such interconnections can be complex, and EBM implementation in the marine and coastal realm is still new enough that examples of best practice remain few. The new EBM publication will find the “good practices” developed so far in this evolving field and capture lessons learned by practitioners.

The monthly MPA News and the quarterly EBM newsletter will be produced as sister publications, complementing one another. As evidenced in anMPA News reader poll in 2006, many practitioners believe that MPAs are an essential component of successful EBM – and, in turn, that effective EBM of surrounding areas can be essential to an MPA’s success (MPA News 8:6). Some MPA News subscribers interested in the broader subject of EBM will subscribe to both publications. EBM practitioners for whom a newsletter on MPAs has been too limited in scope will likely subscribe to the EBM publication exclusively.

Marine Affairs Research and Education, an NGO, publishes MPA News in association with the University of Washington School of Marine Affairs. The new EBM newsletter will feature the same partnership, and will be funded by the David and Lucile Packard Foundation.

Information on how to subscribe to the new EBM publication will be announced soon. Like MPA News, it will be available free of charge, although donations and grants for production are welcome.

Job opportunity: Editor for the new EBM publication

Marine Affairs Research and Education is seeking an experienced writer with a strong understanding of ecosystem-based management to serve as editor of the newsletter on coastal/marine EBM. This is a unique opportunity for a talented individual to help guide global EBM implementation.

For a detailed description of the editorial position – including responsibilities, qualifications, and directions on how to apply – go to The position is based in Seattle, Washington (US). The deadline for applications is 27 June 2007.

MPA News reader poll: What should we name the new EBM newsletter?

The new publication on coastal and marine EBM does not have an official name yet. Please help us decide what its title should be. To vote on a list of potential names, or to suggest a better one that is not on the list, go to

One respondent will be chosen at random to receive an MPA News canvas tote bag. Thank you very much – we look forward to hearing from you.