Dear reader,
This issue of MPA News marks the beginning of our seventh year of publication. We have come a long way. When MPA News was launched in July 1999, the project goal was simply to help MPA practitioners worldwide learn from each other’s experience. The project team never imagined that MPA News would eventually have subscribers in more than 100 countries – a mark we hit this past year.

It is gratifying that the project has proven to be useful enough to warrant that readership. More importantly, we are grateful for the assistance of the hundreds of experts worldwide who have shared their knowledge with their peers through MPA News. Without the abundant expertise they have volunteered, MPA News would not exist. Thank you.

We are part of a growing, global learning network of MPA practitioners – and you, the reader, are part of it, too. We count on your experience and insights to help your fellow planners and managers. Are you working on a project of potential interest to MPA News‘s readers? Do you have a tip on planning – or management, or monitoring – that could help your peers? Please let us know. We need to hear from you.

John B. Davis
Editor-in-Chief, MPA News