In our previous issue (MEAM 1:2), there was an error in our identification of Michael Sissenwine, who authored the essay "Globalization and Scaling in Ecosystem-Based Management". He is a visiting scholar at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in the U.S. and a marine science consultant. He formerly served as director of scientific programs and chief science advisor for the U.S. National Marine Fisheries Service.

Major new book published on integrated coastal zone management

A new reference book on integrated coastal zone management (ICZM) provides what is likely the most comprehensive analysis of the field to date. Edited by an international team of ICZM experts, the 800-page Integrated Coastal Zone Management – The Global Challenge features case studies from around the world: Asia, Africa, the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, island nations, and more. The book highlights coastal EBM, and looks at the changing global scenario of ICZM through several interrelated themes, including the scaling of ICZM.

The book costs US $226 and is published by Research Publishing Services, based in Singapore and India. To learn more about the book and to review the table of contents online, go to

Proceedings from workshop on large marine ecosystems

A new report offers proceedings from a 2007 workshop in Cape Town, South Africa, on the economic valuation of large marine ecosystems (LMEs). Sponsored by IUCN, the workshop gave an overview of economic valuation as a tool in LME management, and profiled several cases of LME valuations worldwide, including for the Benguela Current, Caspian Sea, and Yellow Sea. The 18-page report Economic Valuation of Large Marine Ecosystems is available at

Next issue of MEAM: watershed management and linkages to estuaries

In our next issue, MEAM will look at marine EBM from the perspective of river basin commissions and watershed management. Do you have examples of freshwater EBM successes or failures, or thoughts on how lessons learned from such projects might apply to the marine environment? If so, please tell us at Thank you.