Presented by: Stuart J. Green of Blue-Green Advisors and Farid Maruf of USAID-SUFIA-TS, Tetra Tech

Date/Time: Tuesday, May 28, 9 am US EDT/6 am US PDT/1 pm UTC/2 pm BST/3 pm CEST/8 pm WIB

Description: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Advanced Analytics (AA), and Machine Learning (ML) can be transformational in promoting fair, legal, and sustainable fisheries management across the Indo-Pacific region. This webinar will delve into the key findings of the recent USAID report “Applying AI/AA/ML in Promoting Fair, Legal and Sustainable Regional Fisheries Management in the Indo-Pacific Region.” This webinar will explore emerging technological solutions that show potential in overcoming barriers to sustainable fisheries management and enhancing monitoring, analysis, and enforcement mechanisms. These innovative technologies have the potential to revolutionize fisheries management, ensuring ecological sustainability and economic viability for coastal communities.

Hosted by: OCTO