This webinar originally aired on Wednesday, July 10, 2024.

Presented by: Mitchelle De Leon and Jason Seiple of SkyTruth

Description: The 30×30 Progress Tracker developed by SkyTruth with support from the Bloomberg Ocean Initiative is the first free, user-friendly platform geared toward democratizing 30×30 monitoring data so that more people can track progress on the Global Biodiversity Framework’s 30×30 target. Users can see maps of currently protected areas with overlaid expert assessments of their effectiveness and recommendations on how these areas can be expanded for the greatest amount of biodiversity protection. The tool has several components. The Progress Tracker is a high-level, interactive map and dashboard communicating baselines and progress at global and national scales. The Conservation Builder is a lightweight, interactive scenario building and visualization tool for evaluating conservation and protection scenarios that can provide potential pathways to achieving 30×30 goals. It enables users to view existing protected areas, draw potential protected areas, dynamically illustrate the effects of proposed regions on progress toward 30×30, and quickly generate information about the proposed protected area from disparate data sources, including 30×30 research-based recommendations for areas to protect and the location of key habitats. The Knowledge Hub makes it easier for stakeholders to discover

resources for monitoring, planning, and decision making. The 30×30 Progress Tracker is intended to be used by: civil society campaigns to track country-by-country participation and hold governments accountable; government agencies and policymakers to increase their capacity to monitor progress toward 30×30 and assess their country’s contribution in comparison to peer groups; and anyone who wants to advocate for new protections and develop their own conservation scenarios, especially those who are directly impacted by these emerging conservation initiatives. While the marine tracker is available now, SkyTruth plans to launch the terrestrial component in October 2024. Access the tool at https://30×

Hosted by: OCTO

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