This webinar originally aired on Thursday, August 3, 2023.

Presented by: Tanya Amaya of the Coral Reef Alliance, Roderic Hodges of Marine Change, and facilitated by Jos Hill of The Pew Charitable Trusts

Organized by: Conservation Finance Alliance’s Marine and Coastal Finance Working Group

Description: Ocean sewage pollution is a global challenge that is damaging marine and coastal ecosystems and harming people’s health. Improving management of human waste can be complex and expensive, yet the impacts can dramatically improve coastal ecosystems and human health. In this webinar we will hear from Tanya Amaya, Regional Program Director for Mesoamerica at the Coral Reef Alliance, about how they improved wastewater management in West End, Roatan, Honduras, and their approach and challenges to scaling wastewater improvements across Honduras. We will also hear from Roderic Hodges, Director of Investment at Marine Change, about an assessment of sanitation investment in Southeast Asia and the operations and management business model innovation necessary to finance fixing this issue at scale. 

Following presentations, we will have time for a discussion.

Host: OCTO

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