This webinar originally aired on Thursday, April 13, 2023.

Presented by: Jean-Jacques Goussard of the Ocean Governance Project

Description: The online MPA Resilience Assessment Platform has been developed within the Resilience Partnership, a component of the EU-funded Ocean Governance Project. The platform addresses the ability of MPAs to deal with the environmental, social, economic, cultural, institutional, political, and technical aspects of rapid changes. A key component of the platform – R-SAT, the Resilience Self-Assessment Tool – is a rapid and accessible self-assessment tool that provides clear results and practical guidelines and recommendations that can help MPAs develop skills to deal with rapid changes internally and in the surrounding region. The tool also stimulates discussion that builds a common knowledge base and understanding among managers and other stakeholders and provides important input to management plans. MPA managers from 16 countries around the world are already using R-SAT. New developments with the tool will enable it to be used for prospective MPAs, over a wider geographic area, with more stakeholders, and account for 30×30 objectives.

Host: OCTO

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