Presented by: Caroly Shumway of the Center for Behavior and Climate (CBC)

Date/Time: Thursday, September 19, 1 pm US EDT/10 am US PDT/5 pm UTC

Description: How do you motivate people to respond to adaptation messages and reduce their risk? The key is to feel that they can actually do something and that their action matters — what behavioral scientists call perceived behavioral control and response efficacy, respectively. Three years ago, the Center for Behavior and Climate’s webinar described nine principles behind behavior change for climate action for the oceans and beyond. In this webinar, the Center for Behavior and Climate will show you how to incorporate behavioral tools into your coastal adaptation efforts to improve the likelihood of success for community projects and policy initiatives alike. After learning about the behavior change process, we will teach you five evidence-based techniques (social norms, efficacy, legacy motivation, nudge, and framing to reach different audiences). Synthesizing the latest behavioral science from academics to practitioners, this transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary webinar offers a preview of CBC’s first-of-its-kind online course on Behavior Change for Climate Adaptation. Expected outcomes are increased understanding of how to apply behavior change in your own work.

Hosted by: OCTO