This webinar originally aired on 23 October 2012.

Madrona is an open source software framework for creating web-based tools for place-based decision-making. It is based on the idea that one-size-fits-all software solutions fall short because all situations are different. Madrona strives to make choosing features that are tailored to specific goals, processes, audiences, geographies, and cultures as efficient and cost effective as possible. Core materials form a strong foundation (group collaboration, a spatial content management system), and there are options to choose from (2D and 3D mapping, sketch and scenario planning, analytics) and the flexibility to make customizations and enhancements (leveraging additional third-party tools and services). This webinar will provide an introduction to Madrona and a variety of tools Ecotrust has created with it including Washington Marine Planner, the Mid-Atlantic Marine Planner (in partnership with The Nature Conservancy), and the Aquatic Priorities Tool (in partnership with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service). The Madrona framework evolved from MarineMap, an open source planning tool developed by the MarineMap Consortium from 2007-2011 to support stakeholders in designing marine protected areas for the California Marine Life Protection Act Initiative. Learn more at

This webinar was cosponsored by the EBM Tools Network, and it was presented by Tim Welch of Ecotrust.