This webinar originally aired on 2014 July 18.

In this interactive panel discussion, three experts on ocean plastics will discuss the utility and feasibility of marine debris cleanup, and will take audience questions:

  • Marcus Eriksen is co-founder and Research Director of the 5 Gyres Institute (, which conducts research worldwide on plastic pollution in the five subtropical gyres and coastal hotspots. He just completed an expedition from Bermuda to Iceland conducting dozens of surface net tows along the way. He describes himself as an “open-minded skeptic” when it comes to ocean cleanup efforts.
  • Boyan Slat is the 19-year-old founder and President of The Ocean Cleanup (, an initiative to develop the world’s first feasible method of collecting ocean plastics on a grand scale. In June, The Ocean Cleanup announced results of its feasibility study, compiling findings from a team of 100 volunteers and professionals. Boyan has been recognized as one of the “20 Most Promising Young Entrepreneurs Worldwide” (Intel EYE50).
  • Nick Mallos is Director of the Trash Free Seas Program at Ocean Conservancy ( Nick has spent the past decade researching the ecological, economic and behavioral components associated with ocean plastic pollution, from the center of ocean gyres to inland waterways. He is inspired by the ocean and by determined people around the globe who are working tirelessly to protect our blue planet.