This webinar originally aired on 24 April, 2019. 

Description: Spatial management is a useful strategy to regulate human activities and provide protection for vulnerable species and habitats. Dynamic management – a subset of spatial management in which boundaries are flexible in space and/or time – is gaining traction as one solution for managing features with variable distributions, for example highly migratory species. This webinar introduces four applied dynamic management tools: 1) a thermal indicator designed to mitigate loggerhead turtle bycatch, 2) the fisheries sustainability tool – EcoCast, 3) WhaleWatch, designed to reduce ship strike risk to blue whales, and 4) the Atlantic Sturgeon Risk Model. These tools allow scales of management to align with scales of environmental variability, animal movement, and human activities. Next steps to advance the field of dynamic management will also be discussed.

Presented by: Heather Welch of NOAA and the University of California Santa Cruz

Co-sponsors: OCTO (OpenChannels, The Skimmer, MPA News) and the EBM Tools Network (co-coordinated by OCTO and NatureServe)