MPA Perspective: Marine Protected Areas in the North Sea

By the Fisheries Society of the British Isles

Concern has been widely expressed about fishery and other impacts on the North Sea, where the spawning stock biomass of most commercially important marine species has been reduced to less than 10% of its unexploited size and many fishery practices may be unsustainable.  Besides being a source of mortality for both target and by-catch species, other effects of current fishing practices on stocks such as (i) alteration of the normal age structure, (ii) disruption of reproductive behavior, (iii) reduction in genetic diversity, (iv) habitat degradation and shifts in ecosystem structure, and (v) long-term economic losses are becoming progressively more apparent.

Conferences in November 2001

November 4-7, 2001 — Amsterdam, The Netherlands. “6th International Conference of the Aquatic Ecosystem Health and Management Society.” Conference will exchange current knowledge and strategies for assessment of aquatic ecosystem health. Web:...

Australia to Assess 11 Potential MPA Sites

Australian Environment Minister Robert Hill announced plans in late September to assess the conservation value of 11 marine areas in Australian waters — the first step toward potential designation of these sites as marine protected areas. The sites include...