COVID‐19 and protected and conserved areas, PARKS, May 2020. Co-authored by 35 protected area practitioners, this essay suggests three potential scenarios for how the pandemic will impact protected areas and their role in society’s recovery:

  1. A return to normal;
  2. A global economic depression and decline in conservation; or
  3. A new and transformative relationship with nature – “the only sustainable pathway,” write the authors.

BIOPAMA Rapid Response Grants to support protected areas (terrestrial and marine) facing the COVID-19 pandemic in African, Caribbean, and Pacific countries. The call is open until 31 December 2020. Maximum grant size is EUR 50k with no co-financing required.

Eight ways to rebuild a stronger ocean economy after COVID-19, by Douglas McCauley, Kristian Teleki, and Gloria Fluxà Thienemann. Published by World Economic Forum. The authors suggest eight pathways for rebuilding a more sustainable ocean economy, including “staying the course” on MPAs and rebuffing calls to reopen closed areas to industrial fishing amid the pandemic.

Five Ways Coronavirus Will Change the Charity Sector, by Zoe Amar. Published by Charity Digital. The long-term effects of the COVID-19 pandemic will reshape the NGO sector for years to come, including in fundraising.

Three guides from the Mulago Foundation (MPA News mentioned these guides last month, too, but they’re worth repeating!):

Stretching Your MPA Budget: How to Do More with Less Funding, MPA News, April 2002.