Journal article

  • Impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on biodiversity conservation – click here

MPA cases

  • How researchers are studying the 0.4-km2 Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve in Hawai`i, where daily visitation has dropped from 3000 people a day to zero – click here
  • How the pandemic has led to an increase in zoning offenses in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park – click here
  • How the collapse in cruise ship business has upended the budget for Glacier Bay National Park in the US – click here
  • How one MPA, Chumbe Island Coral Park in Zanzibar, has set up a crowdfunding campaign to help support it through this time – click here


  • The business case for conservation in the time of COVID-19, by Nirmal Jivan Shah of Nature Seychelles – click here
  • How COVID-19 underscores the urgency of holistic community-based approaches to conservation, by Alasdair Harris of Blue Ventures – click here
  • A vision for the Mediterranean that could arise from the COVID-19 pandemic, by Giuseppe di Carlo of the WWF Mediterranean Marine Initiative – click here

Collections of resources

  • Three guides from the Mulago Foundation, which is producing great material on how institutions can survive the pandemic:
    • What institutions need to do to survive the COVID-19 pandemic and financial crisis (a webinar) – click here for the recording
    • Lessons on crisis management from those who have been there before, available in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese – click here (the raw unabridged version is here)
    • A “quick and dirty” guide to COVID-19 planning for non-profits – click here
  • COVID-19 materials gathered by Blue Ventures, including posters, reports, websites, and more – click here

COVID-19 and fishing

  • The Skimmer’s synopsis of how COVID-19 is affecting fisheries and aquaculture – click here
  • Insights on the impacts of COVID-19 on Mexican fisheries, gathered from fishers by COBI – click here (in Spanish, click here)
  • Insights on the impacts of COVID-19 on Mediterranean fisheries, gathered from fishers by the WWF Mediterranean Marine Initiative – click here