“Never let a good crisis go to waste”: The many intersections of the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change

From the Archives: Ecological grief: New research on the mental health consequences of working in marine conservation and management in a time of rapid global change (MEAM Feb-Mar 2020, Issue 13:4)

Editor’s Note: From the Archives calls attention to past Skimmer/MEAM articles whose perspectives and insight remain relevant. As professionals in the marine conservation and management field, Skimmer readers are hyperaware of large scale and global changes to marine...
Why we should be optimistic about the future of MPA finance: Interview with Amílcar Guzmán Valladares and Viviana Luján Gallegos of Wolfs Company

Promoting a portfolio of regional MPA projects to potential donors and investors

The ecosystem services provided by protected areas must be made more apparent, says Carlos Espinosa of Dos Mares. To do that, he says management programs should align MPA activities with the needs of local communities. He's now building a portfolio of community-aligned projects in Central American MPAs, and looking to attract donors and investors.