Presented by: Catarina Frazão Santos of the University of Lisbon

Date/Time: Thursday, July 25, 11 am US EDT/8 am US PDT/3 pm UTC/4 pm BST/5 pm CEST

Description: Climate-smart marine spatial planning (MSP) is an idea whose time has come. Yet, it has not been implemented properly in national waters (with dynamic and forward-looking practices) and not at all on the high seas. A new five-year project (PLAnT) will explore how to plan for sustainable ocean use and conservation in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean under global change, using it as a testbed for climate-smart MSP for the high seas and national waters globally. This webinar will present key components of climate-smart MSP, together with the upcoming work to be developed under PLAnT. Work to be developed under PLAnT includes: 1) identifying existing conditions for ocean uses and resources; 2) imagining multiple futures using a mixed-methods approach; 3) identifying climate actions to be supported through MSP and ways to ensure dynamic and flexible governance and management approaches; 4) unravelling the political, social, and economic factors that influence (and limit) MSP development and implementation in Antarctica; and 5) exploring lessons learned to be applied to other regions on both climate-smart MSP and MSP in international waters.

Hosted by: OCTO