This webinar originally aired on 29 October 2014.

Featuring John Kellett (Clearwater Mills) and Adam Lindquist (Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore).

This one-hour webinar answered your questions about how Baltimore’s Inner Harbor Water Wheel works as a debris collection mechanism and whether a similar system might be applicable to watershed cleanup programs elsewhere.

John Kellett is President of Clearwater Mills, the inventor and builder of Baltimore’s water wheel. John will discuss the engineering behind the water wheel and what challenges are involved in intercepting floating debris at river mouths.

Adam Lindquist is Project Manager for the Healthy Harbor Initiative of the Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore, which owns and maintains the water wheel. Adam will discuss how the water wheel fits into Baltimore’s larger picture of watershed planning and water quality management.

The importance of capturing floating plastic at river mouths has emerged as a point of general agreement in the marine litter management community. The Baltimore water wheel, with its eye-catching design and ability to capture 50,000 lbs. (22,000 kg) of trash every day, is perhaps the best-known example of such a capture system in action.