This webinar originally aired on 14 January 2016.

On Nov 18, 2015, NOAA and the US National Park Service signed a memorandum of understanding with Cuba’s Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment to cooperate on the conservation and management of Marine Protected Areas – one of the first bilateral arrangements following the recent renewal of diplomatic relations between the US and Cuba. This groundbreaking accord follows years of work by EDF and others to bring together marine scientists, resource users and managers in both countries to develop joint conservation strategies for the marine ecosystem of the region. This presentation will highlight Cuba’s spectacular marine environments, the development of the system of MPAs in Cuba, and how the establishment of sister sanctuary programs under the agreement will facilitate greater understanding and protection of the marine resources our two countries share. Learn more at

This webinar was presented by Daniel Whittle of EDF, Billy Causey of NOAA, Pedro Ramos of NPS, and Raimundo Espinoza of TNC; and it was co-sponsored by the NOAA National Marine Protected Areas Center, MPA News,, and the EBM Tools Network.