This webinar originally aired on 17 June 2021.

Presented by: Andre Buchheister of Humboldt State University, David Chagaris of University of Florida, Daniel Howell of the Institute of Marine Research, Karen Abrams of NOAA Fisheries, and Emily Knight of the Lenfest Ocean Program (moderator)

In a move heralded as a significant step in incorporating ecosystem approaches in fisheries management, the US Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission is now using ecological reference points (ERPs) in the Atlantic menhaden fishery. In an upcoming Special Issue of Frontiers in Marine Science (papers available hereherehere, and here), researchers present how scientists and managers came together to co-develop a series of ecosystem models that ultimately made this advancement possible.Join us for a webinar featuring a panel of experts, including some of the authors, to discuss:

  1. The importance of Atlantic menhaden as forage fish and the decision to pursue ERPs;
  2. Insights on how to tailor complex ecosystem models to management needs; and
  3. Next steps in continuing to integrate ecosystem approaches into fisheries management.

The webinar will be moderated by the Lenfest Ocean Program which aims to continue supporting collaborative research projects such as this in the future.

Co-sponsors: Lenfest Ocean Program and OCTO (EBM Tools Network, The Skimmer, OpenChannels, MPA News,