This webinar originally aired on 20 January 2016.

This webinar will provide an overview of the current state of practice among a number of US federal programs employing EBM approaches in the ocean, coastal zone, and the Great Lakes. The National Ocean Policy EBM-Subgroup recently conducted a study using social network analysis to explore similarities among programs in different topic areas (e.g., type of audience, partners, training, EBM best management practices and principles). The study found substantial differences in perceived and effective performances across programs, with Management programs showing a higher level of integration of EBM approaches than Non-Management programs. The use of EBM best management practices and principles among programs was unbalanced, with some key elements of EBM strategies less commonly employed in management planning. This analysis identified gaps in the implementation of EBM strategies that can inform natural resource managers and planners. Read the study at

This webinar was presented by Andrea Dell’Apa, Adam Fullerton, Frank Schwing, and Peg Brady of NOAA; and it was co-sponsored by MEAM,, and the EBM Tools Network.