This webinar originally aired on 13 November 2014.

The United States has a diverse system of national parks, monuments, wildlife refuges, marine protected areas, estuarine research reserves, conservation areas, recreation areas, wilderness areas, wild and scenic rivers, and scenic and historic trails managed by a number of different federal agencies. The Interagency Visitor Use Management Council, with representatives from the US National Park Service, US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, US Fish and Wildlife Service, US Army Corps of Engineers, and NOAA, is developing effective and legally defensible implementation tools for assessing, planning, and managing visitor use and visitor capacity on US public lands and waters. The Council’s collaborative efforts provide a consistent approach to visitor use management that will in turn create seamless connections between lands and waters managed by different federal agencies. In this webinar, representatives from the Interagency Visitor Use Management Council presented on guidance being developed to encourage sustainable recreation on federal lands and waters.

This webinar was cosponsored by the EBM Tools Network and the National MPA Center, and it was presented by:

  • Kerri Cahill, Branch Chief, National Park Service, Denver Service Center
  • Ellen Eubanks, Project Leader, Landscape Architect, Forest Service, San Dimas Technology & Development Center
  • Charles Wahle, Senior Scientist, NOAA National Marine Protected Areas Center.